the Travel issue

As the semester winds down, we're all ready to leave Fitchburg, Mass. behind for summer travels. To help your wanderlust along we've gathered our tips, reviews, and itineraries. Don't forget to save those memories and share them with Detour next fall. Happy travels fellow Falcons.


Coast to Coast Travel Tips


Late on a mid-semester Wednesday two of my friends and I drove across country for a music festival and were back in time for class on Tuesday. We drove from Massachusetts to California in 48 hours and back in 50 hours so I had to endure it all from the shitty gas station coffee to the 12 hour driving shifts. While it’s rare to find yourself on an expedited trip across the country and back, here are some tips to keep yourself sane and the wallet in tact in case you do.


Feel Good Farm Airsoft Review


Airsoft is a niche sport, involving rigorous physical play with spring powered or electronically powered or air powered pellet guns. Specifically they are referred to as airsoft guns to separate them from their ballistic counterparts. These are not designed to kill people, but to nonetheless fling plastic BB’s hundreds of feet per second at a target.


A Look at Some of Boston’s Well Known Areas and their Unique Bakeries


Boston, the boisterous capital that we are all so familiar with, is to some an untapped resource despite its proximity to the surrounding counties of Massachusetts. In hindsight, the short distance may be taken for granted as I would often do. But this past weekend I had the opportunity to spend the day in the city and explore some of its more popular destinations as well as some of the bakeries in the surrounding area.


Santa's Village Isn't Just for Kids


If you’re a Christmas fanatic, then Santa’s Village is for you. This Jefferson, NH Christmas-inspired amusement park has been a popular attraction since it opened in 1953. It is the perfect getaway for families with young children, but regardless of your age, you will still have a great time if you have the Christmas spirit.