Beastly Problems


Everyone’s got a monkey on their back; a beast that taunts them by day and howls in their ears at night. A creature to humiliate them, an animal that makes has them sticking out from the rest of the crowd, not realizing that the person next to them has an animal as well. From the distinguishable elephant in the room, to the deadly snake wrapped around their heart, we all have an animal companion out to hurt us.

The animal on my back however, is undistinguishable. It’s a creature alright, but shapeless in the physical sense. It doesn’t have a solid shape, changing its form for everyone, illusive. The only constants that it has are that it is black, and it’s menacing. It changes shape, and changes its facial features by day, and even by hour when it feels twisted enough. This creature is mythical, in the sense that it has no designated phylum or genus; it’s one of a kind and unknown to the majority of the world – aside from me of course.

I have fought with my beast tooth and nail for as long as I can remember, hardheaded versus persistence. But I can feel myself losing this fight however, just recently my creature has started to dig its nails into my shoulder, feeding off of my distress and misery at this point in my life. When I was younger, you were off in the distance, watching me numb myself through the pain I’ve faced and dealt with it passively. Being beaten down by life however has made me weaker, and you’re getting ready to capture your prey. You’re at the end of your crucial hunting season however, as there is a temporary Heaven in the coming days, and then you will have to wait again. But you’ve become a master of waiting, and hunting me with your eyes, you’re able to distinguish when the time is right the begin closing in again. And though I will be far away, I will still look around and find you there, always watching me in the distance. Waiting for the right opportunity to pounce.