The Dolls See Everything


The dolls can see,

With their gaping sockets and brightly colored eyes

They saw my happiness as I played with them

And yearned to make me feel better when I was sad

I combed their hair and dressed them gently,

So as not to harm their peaceful slumber

For the dolls can see everything


They saw my sister shoving dust bunnies under the bed

They saw my mother hugging us close before we lay down to sleep

And they see you through the same eyes that they saw me

They sit in the corner with wide eyes collecting dust as you pass through time and life

They beg for your attention, yet they never earn it

But remember, the dolls see everything


You have stopped playing, as I once stopped playing

Now you don’t realize that the dolls are there, but they can see you

They miss your tender touch and bursts of laughter

The laughter of innocence that will never be heard again


We grew up you see and no longer seek the dolls’ company

But there they are, waiting in the wings

Waiting and watching for a childhood that is forever lost

The dolls can see everything

Stop playing with them do so gently for they never forget