It’s six a.m.

It’s five below,

And I’m standing here

In a foot of snow.

I lost my name tag

In my change of clothes,

But most know me

By my chapeaus.

I shout at the wind

To prove I’m awake,

Though proving anything

Was my first mistake:

The cold bites back,

And back I shake;

This bullshit world’s

Too much to take.

The sun comes out

To blind my eyes

And sends me reeling,

To my surprise,

To better days

With joyful cries

From kids at play

In my former lives.


“Exit light

Enter night

Take my hand

We’re off to never-neverland”[1]


Off, indeed,

And in deed I’m off,

For at charity

I only scoff.

 I give and give

To a shallow trough

That never fills

My deepest thoughts.

My mind, it wanders

Through the cold

As I stand here,

Growing old

With Death, my mistress,

Her hand I hold,

Her price for love,

My very soul.


“Far away, across the field

The tolling of the iron bell

Calls the faithful to their knees

To hear the softly spoken magic spell.”[2]



[1] “Enter Sandman,” Metallica, Metallica

[2] “Time,” Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd