If Edgar Allen Poe Was a Millennial


Edgar Allen Poe was born October 7, 1993. He’s an extremely eccentric fellow that can’t relate to many of his peers. Growing up, he would write poems about the pets he has loved and lost. How he missed his kitty, Poepurry. Eventually when he becomes interested in girls he tends to creep them out more than attract them and spends more time writing about how beautiful they would be in a coffin and lifeless. This does not go over well and poor Ed is advised to be homeschooled; which works out well since he can’t afford school anyways. He currently makes a humble living selling his works that surprisingly appeal to many readers. Word around town says that due to the recentloss of his girlfriend, he’s back on the market! He has opened a Tinder account and has even opened a Twitter account that is updated regularly. He’s covered in tats and a beard that you could sleep in if you wanted to. Follow him if you like to scroll through morbid creepy tweets on your down time and swipe right if you think his dark side is to die for!

Tinder Profile:

Distance: Six Feet Under

Bio: I’m Edgar. I enjoy all things morbid and deathly. I also spend most of my time writing short stories or poems about going insane and women I know and some that I don’t know. Hell, they might not even be real! I guess you could call me quite the romantic but what I’m looking for is someone who would look pretty lying next to me in a casket until we turn into earth ourselves. I will write you poems about these ideas. Turn ons: taxidermy, murder, and figments of my own disturbing imagination.

Edgar Twitter: https://twitter.com/edgar_allan_poe