The Legend of Sanguine Forest Part I


In the quiet town of Still River there is a vast forest with a lake encased in the center tinged red from all the rust within its waters. Because of the color in the lake the area was named Blood Forest and few people venture into its parts.

Sanguine Forest was once the home of many vacationers and families who built quaint cottages on the peaceful shores. It wasn’t until campers started visiting in the off-season for ice-fishing and snowmobiling that the murders started. There have been dozens throughout the years and now, people are too afraid to venture into these woods. The cabins are deserted, and the screams of the brutally slain victims whistle in the wind, that blows through the trees.

Many have tried and failed to find the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, as a result the town shut down the lake.  No happy bonfires and summer boating outings occur; it’s eerily quiet all year round. Everyone knows to stay away during the winter months, unless you are an outsider who doesn’t know any better.

Recently, a couple from the southern part of the county came to Still River on their honeymoon during a bone-chilling February. They had inherited a home there from the man’s estranged brother, who passed away unexpectedly the previous winter.  They expected it to be spacious and homey but were unpleasantly surprised when they saw the boarded up state of the cottage. After 2 days on the lake the couple was found, by a local hunter. They were viciously murdered in their cabin.  The police have no new leads, but the killer left a detailed diary of the terror they inflicted on this poor couple, spiking increased fear among residents of Still River.

Excerpts from the Diary below are rather disturbing and violent. It’s important to remember that these deranged killers are still at large and more dangerous than we can imagine. Stay away from Sanguine Forest and warn others so that they won’t meet the same gruesome end as the newlywed couple, Dan and Amy.

February 13 Nightfall:           

I just saw the couple pull into the old Weymouth house, this is going to be fun. I asked Friend if he was excited to do it, but I should know better, he never talks. I can tell he’s as excited as I am when he goes to sharpen his blades. I decide to go and have a look at the couple. You could tell they were nice looking from far away, all dressed up in their long coats and fancy shoes. Bad shoes for running through the snow from us, but they won’t know that until tomorrow.

I put on my mask to go and have a look, it’s a good mask, fits me perfectly and makes me look like a porcelain doll, I love this mask but hate cleaning the blood off of it, I’ll need a new one soon.

When I cross through the snow I wonder if they’ll notice my footprints. It won’t matter in the end. It might even make things happen faster. I nestle up against the side of the house and creep through the kitchen window. There’s a perfect view of the woman. She’s talking and gesturing excitedly to the man.

My pulse begins to quicken and my hands start shaking with anticipation. This is a very pretty girl, not like the last one we got. She has long blonde hair, sleek as satin and I wonder what it will look like drenched in blood. Her skin looks soft and I realize I’m breathing heavy. I want that skin, it’s perfect for my next mask. I wonder if I could touch it to feel it’s softness, but I know I’ll find out tomorrow when Friend and I start to play with them.

I can hardly keep myself from scaring her then. I’m so excited, I prance back to our cabin and I fall asleep dreaming of the pretty girl screaming at my feet. 

February 14, Between 3:00 A.M.- 5:00 A.M

It’s time diary.

Friend and I have begun our fun. We let the couple get all settled, they seem to be fighting with each other. Pretty girl sleeps alone in the bedroom and the man is lying awake on the couch. I wonder why they aren’t happy, it’s more fun when they are. This will have to do though. Maybe Friend can scare them together again, I’m giggling because that sounds perfect.

First we start slowly, purposely rustling branches and snow outside, the pretty girl wakes and goes to the big room with the man. She says she hears noises, he tells her it’s the wind or animals. Poor girl, she knows something isn’t right. It will be too late when he realizes it too. I slowly begin to scrape by pitchfork along the side of the house, it rattles and screeches.  My favorite sounds, I’m smiling beneath my mask. Friend is on the porch and bangs his fist and blade against the glass window. I know this is when they see his masked face, because the girl lets out a scream that brings my blood to a boil. They run to the kitchen to grab knives and scissors, how adorable.

Now, they know we are here and the hide and seek can really start. We both fall back into the shadows. Friend nods at me, it’s all he ever does but it means he’s ready to kill. The couple will try leaving soon but their car is already taken care of courtesy of Friend, he’s so smart.

An hour later they turn on the porch light and scamper to the car, the pretty girl falls twice on the way. This will be so easy for us. When they can’t start the car they panic and that’s when I start laughing. I am in hysterics as I watch them swiftly move back towards the cabin all the while trying to discern where the sound is coming from. Friend smashes the porch light with his axe plunging us all into the growing light of dawn. The pretty girl screams and the man yells at us to come out. If that’s what they really want. I run at them pushing pretty girl down into the snow and slicing the man’s arm with my knife. I feel the folds of his skin peel back with the contact of the blade, it gives me goose bumps. I keep running, but right away I can smell the blood, I want to lick it from his arm. Swallow it.  Bathe in it.

Friend and I watch as the couple scampers into the woods, they are trying to escape us. We like to let our hiders think they are safe before going on the hunt again. I turn to Friend and ask how he wants to do this, he doesn’t say anything but I know he wants the man. That’s fine as long as I get to touch pretty girl’s cheek before we kill her. I can hear them both yelling and screaming for help in the distance, they should know better. Besides, no one will hear them or come looking. It’s time for the best part.