The Legend of Sanguine Forest Part II


February 14 6:00 P.M.

I’m trembling with excitement and anticipation, today went perfectly. Friend and I followed the couple on foot through the woods, I hid behind trees whenever I could so they wouldn’t see me. We finally caught up with them near the corn field, the best spot. Friend blocked their path in front and I from the back, they were trapped. They yelled at us, begging us to leave them alone and then asked why we were doing this. I told them in my raspiest voice that it was because they came and we wanted to play. The girl looked scared now, just how I wanted her to. The man told her to run back to the house and call someone, their cell phones were there. She glanced at my pitchfork and knife and began sprinting through the corn. It’s alright, I let her go because I knew we would catch up with her later, right then it was the man’s turn.

Friend did most of the work as I knew he wanted to. We let the man get a few slices in on us, nothing too deep just enough to bleed and arouse Friend for the final act. He turned and ran at me, I took off my mask and smiled at him, he stopped in his tracks at the site of my face and began backing up slowly. That’s when Friend swung the axe into his spine and pulled it all the way down to the ground. Dark red blood began pooling in the snow. I stood there transfixed, marveling at the beauty we had just created. Friend was breathing heavy, he bent down dipped his fingers into the man’s blood and licked each one provocatively, I couldn’t wait to taste the pretty girl’s. Friend picked the man up, he wasn't dead yet, soon would be. He kept whimpering pretty girl’s name, Amy over and over. I wanted him to shut-up because I didn’t want to know her name. I turned and slit his throat.

We got back to the cabin as it grew dark and I couldn’t see pretty girl Amy inside, she was hiding, I was ready to seek. “Ready or not, here I come!” I yelled and started towards the front door. It was locked, I climbed onto the roof and got in through a boarded up window. She was downstairs. I stomped my feet to let her know I was inside. She ran towards the front door, flung it open only to see Friend standing with the dead man.

At this point I was down stairs, pretty girl turned to run and I caught her in a warm embrace. She struggled, until I slapped her hard across the face. She looked at me stunned, as I leaned in with my mask and kissed her full lips. She spit in my face, not a good idea, I have a short temper. I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to the bedroom. Friend helped me strap her to the bed, she cried for a while. We placed the man next to her and made them lay together for a few hours, she was silent the whole time, not exactly what I was expecting. I was growing bored and so was Friend, he stood up gave me his machete and walked back to our shack. I shook my head in disgust, got up walked into the bedroom and stabbed Amy repeatedly all over her little body. Finally she was screaming, loud enough to wake the dead hahaha. Her screaming grew to a crescendo and that’s when I calmly bashed her head into the corner of the iron wrought bed frame.

I sat back exhausted but satisfied, until the blood began seeping through her blond hair and I realized it wasn’t as beautiful as I had imagined it would be. I took what I needed for my mask and the propped the couple up together on the bed, their arms slung loosely around each other, perfect.  “Happy Valentine’s Day” I whispered. I stomped back home through the snow, this better be more fun next time…