Thunder Crack


A father holds his hand on his chest

his heart beats a dull, stuttering pulse

his lungs struggle to take in air

He holds in his other hand his wallet

“take it.” he says

“take it and leave us alone.”


“I don’t want your money.”

Thunder crack. The dull pulse lets out its final beat, rather weakly

another pulse races with fury to the right, the son

the bad man comes forward.


The son unleashes hell with his fists

the blows bounce off

“I’ll kill you,” cries the son


“I don’t want your hate.”

Thunder crack. The furious pulse dies with a discordant beat

another pulse races to the left, timidly, the daughter

the bad man comes forward.


She hides her blue eyes behind her hands

tears wet her palms

“Don’t hurt me.” she says weakly


“I don’t want your cowardice.”

Thunder crack. The pulse flutters, and fades gently away.

Another pulse beats calmly to the left, the preacher.

The bad man comes forward.


The preacher holds out the good book

“Repent, and you shall be forgiven.” he says

“I don’t want your God.”

He placed his hands around the preacher’s skull

“What do you want?” asked the preacher.


“I want to break necks.”

Thunder crack.