I looked down at it. 

So empty. 

So blank. 

All except for the first line. 

Only five characters. 
Only five characters that draw the eyes towards it with a force comparable to a ton of bricks falling. 

"So. Who will you be?" The small box-like speaker asked from across the long white table. 

I smiled sadly. "So. Who WILL I be?" I repeated, unable to face the speaker.

It felt so strange hearing my voice after so long. It felt so unfamiliar.

I put the pen to the first line of the almost empty sheet of paper.


The pen hovered to the right of the five characters. The tip of the pen shook slightly although the hand holding it felt so steady. 

My left hand held up my forehead; The only thing resisting the force of those characters as they drew my eyes towards them. 

“Who will I be?” I thought to myself.

I looked up, and as I did the walls around me were gone. Looking around I saw only white. A white as empty as all but the first line of the paper in front of me. 

The whiteness went on forever. It was like an ocean of nothingness, and floating in the middle was the table, the paper, the pen, and I.

With my elbows on the table I crossed my hands in front of me. At the center of my brow were my thumbs which created a stand for which rest my head. 

I closed my eyes and saw not the paper, but the pure whiteness. It was like a vision of the world around me, pure as a blank sheet of paper. 

I smiled and felt goosebumps flow through me in waves as the answer revealed itself.

The pen touched the paper, and after a long pause, began to move. 

The white realm around me began to glow warmly, as if responding to the to the pen meeting the paper. 

As the pen moved slowly across the paper, the empty world began to writhe. 

As the pen moved faster, the world thrashed violently, as if waking up from a long sleep.

The pen then stopped and fell to the papers' side.

And as I blinked and the world disappeared, just as quickly as it had come.

And I was, again, surrounded by the room.

The white walls of the room hummed around me; A melody beautiful beyond words.
It was like nothing I had heard before. 
The walls sang without words and without sound, but yet I could feel every note.

I took up the paper and looked at it. 
It was only then I noticed the pain in my cheeks; The realization came that my smile had never left my lips.

My eyes drifted back to the first line of the paper and I laughed. A laughed with such sincerity that it confirmed I was no longer who I was before.

My hands held the paper as if it would shatter at the slightest breath and carefully they brought it back down to the table. 

The room became silent.

"Have you decided?" The speaker asked.

I closed my eyes, still feeling the smile still on my face. 

A single tear fell from my right eye.

"Yes.” I whispered softly.

Then louder, “Yes I have."

I stood and walked to the door. As my hand wrapped around the knob I turned and took a final look at the paper.

I will be great.

And so my story begins.