Battery Critically Low


Your best friend has just died. You really should have seen it coming.

You were lying down on your bed, wrapped under the sheets, relaxing after a long day of work. You were watching a little video on YouTube, laughing your ass off, when your best friend gave you a message. It read:

Battery critically low. Please connect your charger immediately. 5%.

It’s no problem, you said to yourself. You have plenty of time.

You dismissed your friend's message and kept watching the video. You continued to laugh your ass off. A minute passed and you checked on your friend.


Already? But it had only been a minute...surely he can hold out for longer than this.

You decided to close your YouTube app. You noticed all the apps you left running. It's no wonder your battery was draining - you left fifty million apps running in the background. You closed them all, and then you checked on your friend.


You started to get nervous. You needed to save your friend, but you were too comfortable where you were to move.

And suddenly, from the deep recesses of your brain, you remembered a long-lost memory. Something you enjoyed a lot as a kid. You couldn't remember the name, but you know what it looked like.

You opened your Internet app and started browsing Google Images. You were confident you could find it quick enough. Ignorance.

The search was a struggle. You were too focused on your quest to recover your memories that you never noticed your friend's conditions had not improved.


The search felt like it would never end. You thought that the whole search had been in vain. But just as you give up hope, you finally spot it. The image that you were looking for all along. You've successfully remembered your long-lost childhood memory. You rediscovered -

You look back at your friend.


Your heart sinks. Your friend was dying right before your eyes, and you did not care. You were too attached to the memories of your past to even bat an eye at your best friend. A loyal friend, who had always given you what you wanted, and who never said anything mean about you - on his deathbed. You ignored him as he took his last breath.

And before you even knew what it is you had - your best friend died.