Confidence Shattered


It was there for the longest time, and then vanished

Children speak their minds with not a care in the world

They see the truth and expose it for all to see

Where did it go, this audacity and confidence so bright it illuminated all our secrets?

When will it be back and why did we let it drift from our growing fingers in the first place?

Here we stand knee deep in lies, our friends are fake

Our minds are suspicious and we don’t know how to think or feel

The best asset of our childhood innocence is gone.

The worst part is that we cannot pinpoint the exact point of loss

It wasn’t shattered in anger like the empty glass vase in a lover’s quarrel

Rather it slipped quietly, thin as a ghost and light as a whisper out of our snug little beds one night

We can search for it as long as we like, but nothing seems to grant us this coveted gift as it once was

We wander through the years becoming less inclined to speak our minds

Losing our individuality with each weakened step.

We believe ourselves to possess all the answers, when in reality

We grow more fallible with age.

Poor confidence, such a short and unfilled life it led.

As we sit in our classrooms, homes, offices - we don’t even lament

The one piece of ourselves that we should miss the most.