Never to part

By Andy Nalewski

What is a lover?

Are they strange?

But are they comfort, joy?
Pain and forgiveness?
And the need for mending
The heart and all else?

But they are more.

They are you.
And not you.
And both the same and different.
And they never leave, truly.
In death do not part.

In life, there is torment.
And suffering and sorrow.
But a lover heals all,
And never fails to love.

There are some who are false,
Who wish to use to gain,
And who will cause conflict, strife,
And a terrible life.

But not mine.

Kindness, loyalty,
The best there is.
I found her sitting alone
On a lonely island away from me.

To find one like this
To unbreak, to feel it,
To embrace the pain,
Hold it, and throw it away.

But she is more.

She is the things that cannot,
Will not ever be described
In any sort of words,
Or even feelings.

She is there, always.
Forever mine, I, forever hers.
And none, nothing, will end it.
We are all, we are one.

She is my lover.