The Incredible True Story

By Charlotte Schofield

The year is 2116; Earth has been destroyed and ravaged by humans, abandoned for something better. Only five million humans are left alive in the whole galaxy, traveling in space stations looking for a planet called “Paradise,”, where they can live a normal life again. Thomas and Kai, Captain and pilot aboard the Aquarius III, continue their search through the galaxy and listen to the album that changed their lives forever, “The Incredible True Story And the Transformation of the Man Who Saved the World”.

    Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, known as Logic in the rapping community, has been taking over the Hip Hop scene since 2002. Born in Maryland, Logic came a long way from mixtapes and being under the radar. With his parents having a background in hard drugs and him being expelled from school at a young age, Logic was able to amass a large following off the Internet and form a fan base. Signed with Def Jam studios, Logic has worked with many other successful artists such as Drizzy Wright, Childish Gambino, Big Sean, and other rappers.

    Logic just released his long awaited second album “The Incredible True Story And the Transformation of the Man Who Saved the World”, which rose to number 3 on the US Billboard Charts after only one week. Most people wouldn’t necessarily consider this just any old album, however referring to it as rather “a sophomore album and motion picture sci-fi epic from Logic”.

    The 62 minute album tells the story of how the last inhabitants of Earth are forced to find another planet to live on, with only their Captain Thomas (who is actually the famous voice-over actor Steven Blum) and his love for the once infamous Earth rapper, Logic, to give him guidance on his journey. There are many artists and producers featured on this album such as Kevin Randolph (Kai), Anna Elyse Palchikoff (Thalia), 6ix, and even an unknown young boy who created the planet “Paradise” for this project. Most of the tracks on the album, which has been nicknamed TITS by fans, talk about his influence by Sinatra and his RatPack, his high school years of smoking weed, and the constant strive for success.  


"The point is 30 ships have traveled in deep space looking for a planet like this, damn near all of them return without any luck some of them didn't return at all. I guess my fear isn't that we won't find paradise... It's that we'll create purgatory." (Track number 13, Babel (Scene)).


The making behind TITS was actually really remarkable, considering that most artists record their music in studios. One particular song on the album called Fade Away was recorded at an airport by Logic ( on his phone) on the day that the album was supposed to be turned in, yet it’s one of the most popular songs on the whole album. Most critics would call Logic more of a producer rather than a rapper, so when it was found out that the character Kai is named after Logic's AKAI MPC 2000 XL, which is a beat and mixing machine used by many musicians, it was really no surprise to anyone considering the beats were “stellar”. Although the album is meant to be played in a consecutive order so as to be immersed in Logic’s story of the lost inhabitants of Earth, the album was actually produced so that you could skip the “scene” tracks and just listen to the songs. The album itself is very diverse, with songs talking about death (Track number 2, Fade Away) and even Logic’s “break-up” with hip-hop (Track number 11, City of Stars).

Logic’s craft and music intuition is just blooming in this industry, with two hit albums, and several successful mixtapes under his belt. Many critics are waiting for his “Man on the Moon” (Kid Cudi’s most debatably iconic album) equivalent album, but most fans would agree that he’s doing just fine with the material now. With over 73,000 copies sold in its first week, TITS won’t be going anywhere but up on the charts for a while.