The Night Before Finals


‘Twas the night before finals, 
And all through the dorms
Not a student was quiet;
They were all true to form.
Freshmen stressed greatly
Over grades they adored,
While sophomores played beer pong;
They’ve been here before.
In townhouses, the juniors
Lounged ‘round hookahs and cards,
Sipping their mixers and
Planning trips abroad.
The seniors, they wondered,
“Where went the time?”
As they reflected on lessons
That impacted their lives.
Commuters surrounded
By the comforts of home
Hoped and prayed that
There wouldn’t be snow.
Yet, wherever they were,
All these students stood alike
As they studied and partied on
All through the night:
They learned and debated,
Argued and fought,
Witnessed and experienced,
Reasoned and taught,
And oh so much more
Over the past year
That they now seem united
Without restraint or fear
Of the challenges ahead
And the futures they seek.
They’re the stars of the future,
And for the moon they’ll reach.
Oh, just think of
The lessons they’ll teach!
But for now, let them work
On their papers and tests,
Let them drink and have fun,
And most of all, let them rest.
For finals are rough,
And among the toughest of fights,
But for now, merry finals,
And to all a good night.