Thirsty Thursday

By Faith Chesbrough

I finished my classes
I finally return home.
Let the fun begin.

After a long week,
Thursdays are always good nights.
Time to get ready.

Makeup and hair done,
Fresh clothes and a smile on,
I answer the door.

One, two, three, four, five,
People crammed into my room,
We all gather round.

One shot down the hatch,
The bottom of a bottle,
The room is spinning.

Where is the party?
Our friends will be waiting there.
I shut the door tight.

We walk down the street,
Laughing the entire way,
We can see the house.

The music is loud,
There are too many people,
But the night is young.

A smile and wave,
I make my way to the floor,
We dance and we sway.

Where is the punch bowl?
The jungle juice is so sweet,
One more cup will do.

Flip a card, an Ace.
Chug until there is no more,
Flip a card, a King.

His eyes are shining,
His smile is dazzling.
Grab his hand to go.

Heat, bodies, moving.
Twirl around the floor and spin,
Hold my stomach tight.

The world is fuzzy,
My head is a tornado.
I must gain control.

I excuse myself,
And head to the bathroom, fast.
I lose my dinner.

It’s time to go home,
The world continues to spin.
My face hits the bed.

Loud noises wake me,
I forgot about my clock.
My head is pounding.

A glass of water,
I roll out of my warm bed.
Gargle some mouthwash.

Eleven a.m.,
Another Thursday night gone.
I hate hangovers.