You, Guardian Angel


Fall asleep with tears in my eyes,

Wondering how I ever got the strength or the courage to ask you why;

Why you adore me, why you shake me down to my very core.

Benevolence hath swung open these bolted doors,

Those that hold my heart close to my soul.

Lead with thy glorious light so I may see what had set me in my past plights.

Guide my foreboding eyes from darkness and give me hope;

Hope that your angelic presence will save me from all wrong I’ve done.

My Guardian angel, do not hide your eyes from me.


Your surpassing beauty is all I have to open these glaze washed eyes;

All you are and all you give, heals the wounds of my broken heart.

I tremble in my place,

Falling to my knees when your touch grazes my porcelain dusted face.

Heaven could not have made a more perfect being,

Nor could the inferno ever take you from me.

to my surprise,


That I was to find you and you to have found me,

A simple girl with dusty cheeks,

In a time when I needed someone like you the most,

Never been touched by a more perfect man; one with an open heart and open arms.


This love wrapped in silken vines, all so intricate

Intertwined with our hands and fingers.

Condemn me to the love I’ve found and let his sweet words linger in my dreams

…I shall pray this every night.