Submissions for special issues should be submitted by the 15th of the month prior at the latest. The earlier you submit the better.

September - college month

Detour is here to support the student community with helpful tips and amusing stories about surviving and thriving in college. We welcome how-tos and stories to help us all get a great start to a new school year from saving money to managing time.

October - hobbies and passions

Whether it’s your running routine or rare collection of paraphernalia, if it matters to you, it may to someone else. Life is more than just the daily working grind. People fill their lives with a many great habits, knowledge, small pleasures for the sake of it. What have you filled your life with?

November- media month

Do you enjoy not only viewing, but also discussing, reviewing or analyzing any media? If so, this special issue is for you. We are taking submissions from the Fitchburg State community that go in depth with their coverage of video games, movies, and other media. We are accepting anything from mere suggestions to full reviews.

december - budget friendly living and DIY crafts

Adjusting to life in dorms or a new apartment isn’t always easy. Detouris here to help! In this issue we cover how to manage your time while living on a budget both on and off campus. We offer tips on shopping for the things you need and making crafts for your living space. We are accepting student submissions on making homemade crafts, wallet friendly DIY hacks, and tips on budgeting time and money.

January - healthy cooking for young adults

Just because it’s Detour, doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. This month we are helping readers prepare healthy and hearty meals. Do you have any new recipes, or want to try new foods to expand your palate? Have and snack hacks to keep healthy? We want to hear from you. Help us put together tips for kitchen safety and hacks for grocery shopping on a budget.

February - letters you’d never send

They say letter writing is dead, but if you could send a letter unfettered by time or space, who would you send it to? Your love interest from years ago? That person who’s been getting on your nerves? That family member you lost? Write to them. This month, Detour is looking for your unsent emails, crumpled letters and text drafts. Be heartfelt, not careless. Published work will be anonymous. 

march - retro media and nostalgia

Old memories can help you escape for a moment from your busy adult life. Share childhood memories of your favorite shows, movies, games, toys, and styles. Detour is looking for memoirs and personal essays about your childhood nostalgia. What do those memories mean to you now? Do your adult eyes see those movies or games differently? 

April - conspiracy theories

Does your paranoia need to be shared? Detour is now accepting your craziest, other-worldly, wildest conspiracy theories! Send us your stories and we’ll put our private team of investigators on it. Concerned about how conspiracy theories impact our society, government, or culture? Let’s hear your criticism. We would also love to see parodies or satires of conspiracy theories.