Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Review

By Emanuel Ortiz

Warning: This review contains minor spoilers for the theatrical release of Batman v Superman.

Batman V Superman has received tons of negative feedback upon its theatrical release. Even to a fan like myself, I can acknowledge many of the issues the movie had, such as its confusing plot line. The movie sets up the conflict in the beginning of the film but most of the scenes from the conflict were cut out to make the movie shorter. Because of this, the audience has a hard time understanding conflict which hurts the film. There are many other things such of a lack of motivation from Superman to dislike Batman and the quickly resolved conflict between the two superheroes. The film feels choppy and thankfully the extended edition of the film really helps with certain problems of the film.

The question of whether or not the extended edition helps the movie overall can be answered with a resounding yes. Do they completely fix the movie however? No they unfortunately do not. The conflict between Batman and Superman is still resolved rather quickly and certain scenes such as Lois drowning trying to get a spear she didn’t even know needed still happen followed by Superman trying to save her and almost drowning. The scene is pointless and the conflict takes a complete 180 turn in seconds. Thankfully however, the scenes are sprinkled throughout the movie giving Superman more motivation to find out more about Batman. The beginning Africa scene where the conflict starts is fleshed out so we understand more about Lex Luthor’s plan in all of this. A few seconds are given to many different parts of the film to help it breathe a lot better and not have it jump from scene to scene so jarringly like it did in the theatrical release.

I originally gave the move a C+ but will give it a B because of these additional scenes. They don’t completely fix the movie but they certainly help it to be a cohesive film. I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in the movie because they would certainly enjoy this film more than the theatrical release. If you hated the theatrical release, you might completely change your mind and actually like the film and if you already like the film, you’ll like it more. I don’t believe this film will get anyone who hated the theatrical release to fall in love with the movie, but there is no denying this movie is better overall than the movie released in theaters.

Grade B.