Iron Fist Review

By Emanuel Ortiz

Netflix's successful run on their superhero universe has fallen into a bit of a slump with their latest addition, Iron Fist. 

Iron Fist is Netflix’s latest superhero show. It follows Danny Rand (Finn Jones) who returns home after having been presumed dead for 15 years. He has learned martial arts while away and wields the power of the Iron Fist, a mystical weapon he can charge in his hand. He uses this gift to protect his home from a group of assassins called The Hand. To tell the truth, the story felt all over the place. There were so many different plotlines involving a variety of characters including Joy (Jessica Stroup) and Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey). I felt as though these two characters overshadowed Danny which is sad considering the show is named Iron Fist and not “The Meachums.” For the first two eps, I was relatively invested in the show. We get to see Danny readjusting to his old home which I thought was cool. Certain scenes drag on however. People didn’t believe Danny was actually Danny Rand which makes sense because he was gone for so long, but he obviously knew things only the real Danny would know. Apart from certain scenes dragging too long, the plot felt lazily handled. Characters are brought up with the sole purpose of moving the plot along. They then disappear and aren’t brought up again. On top of this, certain things that are introduced, in the end, don’t amount to anything. I figured that things would be explained more or would have a payoff at the final episode, but they don’t. It’s incredibly frustrating. The plot shifts from one point to another, never truly understanding which direction it wants to go or what type of show it wants to be. 

I thought the characters themselves were okay. Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) was the most interesting character on the show and I was always interested when she was on screen. However, Danny feels…childish. This is a boy that was trained by monks for 15 years learning martial arts and becoming “the best” among his peers which is how he holds the Iron Fist. It doesn’t make sense then that he would go home and not know what he is doing half the time. He’s supposed to be this warrior from this city but he acts like a child. It threw me off on more than one occasion. 

Now, many were still optimistic because even if the story sucked, it still has martial arts. Well it does. But it isn’t anything special either unfortunately. Daredevil was a character whose dad was a boxer and that’s how he began learning how to fight. Danny Rand is a character who was trained by monks for 15 years so we expect the fighting to at least be great. The fighting unfortunately was bland. There were a few fights where I thought the choreography was well done but overall, it was such a letdown. 

Sadly, Iron fist isn’t a show I believe I can recommend to anyone. Danny will eventually be brought up again later this year when Netflix releases their show The Defenders (a team up of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron fist), but this show isn’t necessary to watch. The story was awful, making it frustrating to continue, the characters were alright, and the fighting was a letdown. There just isn’t anything here that will hook the audience or have them anticipate the next time they’ll see this character. 

Grade: D