Logan Review

By Emanuel Ortiz

Logan Review

Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine has closed with its most personal and beautiful chapter yet. 

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have been playing these two roles for about 18 years now. They have stated numerous times that this will be their last appearance as their respective characters. So many have hoped that this final outing would be a special one and man, it was. Logan takes place some time in the future where mutants are no longer around. Wolverine has returned to his old name, Logan and is in hiding along with Patrick Stewart and Caliban (Stephen Merchant) until they come across a new mutant known as Laura (Dafne Keen) or x-23. A bounty hunter called Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) is determined to capture her by any means necessary. Logan, being older,  is not healing like he used to, and his stamina isn’t where it used to be either. 

What’s interesting about this movie is that it felt more like a drama with superhero characters in it. This movie is so radically different than any other x-men film thus far. It’s a personal family story that doesn’t follow the typical superhero formula. It is rated R like Deadpool because of its violence and language adding a gritty feeling to the film. This Wolverine film is the Wolverine film fans have always wanted. The violence in the film is satisfying to watch and you never feel as though it is violent for the sake of being violent. 

This is a Wolverine that isn’t held back by the rating placed on his film. I typically don’t care much for the rating because I think you could make one that was great with either pg-13 or R, but I honestly couldn’t see this film any other way. It needed this gritty feeling to the story it wanted to tell. It grounded the story more and it paid off in the end. It was ballsy and as a result, succeeded where many other stories would have fallen flat. This film isn’t completely serious however. There are moments of levity throughout the film that I thought worked perfectly to help release some tension. Much of it comes from Professor X and there are more than a handful of scenes from Laura that gave a good laugh. 

The acting in this movie is another standout of the film. This is probably one of the most well-acted superhero films out there. Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman specifically, were phenomenal. They wanted to give something special as their last outing and they did with this film. These two haven’t felt more connected to their characters like they do in this film. They felt believable as people. Laura was fantastic and gave off an El vibe from Stranger Things. I thought she portrayed her character well, showing the child side of her as well as the savagery she holds. Her actions scenes in the film were always incredibly fun to watch. 

What I didn’t like about the film was the villain hierarchy they had. Pierce was the antagonist at first, but the spotlight never stayed on him. It rotated to other antagonists that didn’t have to be there in my opinion which hurt their potential development. There are some people that argue it would have taken away from Logan’s story, but I think that could have just been easily fixed if it just focused on the bounty hunter. There is one specific character that was introduced in the movie that was supposed to be the counter to Logan but it felt odd to see. I understand what they were going for, and in some regards it worked well, but I think the appearance was what threw me off. Had they stuck with the bounty hunter, it wouldn’t have been as convoluted and they would have been more developed. The run-time was already long enough, sitting at just over two hours (not that it bothered me). The addition of certain characters later in the film, was what dipped this small and personal film into blockbuster territory. 

Apart from these complaints, Logan accomplished what it was set out to do. It was one of those films where I could say, it made me smile, laugh and cry. I absolutely loved the way they wrapped up this story with a line from Logan referencing something Professor X had said previously in the film. It was truly beautiful and heartfelt. 

Grade A-