Sing Street Review

By Emanuel Ortiz

Sing Street explores many themes such as family and self-purpose using its perfect cast and catchy music to showcase one of 2016’s best movies.

Sing Street takes place in 1980’s Dublin where Connor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) tries to escape his family life and impress a girl by creating a band. He gathers a group of musicians and that’s where our movie begins. First off, all three of these elements worked flawlessly. This movie did an excellent job of portraying a broken marriage and the effects it has on the children, more specifically Connor’s brother, Brendan (Jack Reynor). There is a scene about two-thirds into the movie where he tells his brother why he is the way he is and it was powerful. The cast was honestly perfect and everyone did such a great job. More specifically, the two brothers Connor and Brendan stood out the most. I enjoyed watching their relationship with Brendan as this sort of mentor figure. Not all family relationships shown on film are great but these two really showed that they had a bond mostly because of their broken parents.

I thought the relationship between Connor and the girl he was trying to impress, Raphina (Lucy Boynton), worked well. I believed that Connor liked her and in her initial lukewarm responses. The third element, getting the band together and functioning, was such a joy to watch. I had a smile on my face from start to finish because of the feel-good catchy music they played. Although quickly done, the coming together of the band I thought was nicely done. The group had question marks about the band at first, but ultimately came together because of their passion for music. The only problem I had with the band was the lack of development for certain characters. This is a minor problem because the movie isn’t about these characters. Although part of the band, they’re minor characters.

Finally, the music was, again, perfect for this movie. It represented the light-hearted tone perfectly as well as what Connor was thinking about. At first, the music is mostly to impress Raphina but ultimately grows and develops to fit Connor’s shoes. The music is so catchy and will leave even the biggest critics of the movie smashing the replay button on YouTube.

Not knowing any of the actors in this movie, I didn’t know how I would think about Sing Street but after watching this film, I’m certain in the near future, these actors will be household names. This cast was stellar along with the simple yet perfectly executed story.

Grade: A+