The Accountant Review

By Emanuel Ortiz

An accountant that can kick ass is such a far out premise, but the mysteriousness of this character made for a fascinating movie.

Ben Affleck stars as the brilliant mathematician account Christian Wolff, who uncooks the books of his occasionally dangerous clients. He takes up a new client where an accounting clerk has found financial discrepancies in their books. Christian Wolff helps this accountant named Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick) figure out how much was lost and how, but by doing so, his life and Dana’s are put in danger. As this is going on, Ray King (J.K Simmons), who works with the Treasury Department's Crime Enforcement Division, is trying to find out who this accountant is. I really enjoyed the non-linear style of storytelling this film decided to take. There are occasional flashbacks to Christian Wolff’s childhood which shows him dealing with autism and how his father and brother helped him get through it. Flashbacks to me at times can be annoying or slow, but the ones in this movie kept me interested because it gave some answers to Christian’s mystery. Everything really came together by the end of the movie, which was satisfying to see because of how well the movie was set up.

Jon Bernthal is also in this movie and, to no surprise, playing an antagonist. Jon, Ben and Anna’s characters were, when it came down to it, the main characters of this movie. Ben’s stood out the best because of the way he portrayed this complex character. He was incredibly socially awkward due to his autism, but at the same time smart and very dangerous. Anna Kendrick was fine in her role as this sort of dorky accountant who tried to help Ben in his role and Jon Bernthal was as terrifying as in his role.

There were a few different stories going on in this movie. There was the people trying to get the accountant. There was Christian and him uncooking books and trying to stay alive, and there is also flashbacks. I thought that Ray King and his crime division really didn’t offer much to the movie. His goal is to find this accountant because of his murders, but it ultimately doesn’t really lead to anything. There is this reveal at the end that I thought was a nice addition to this subplot, but didn’t make much sense after thinking about it.

Overall, I thought this movie was nicely executed and potentially gave us another original franchise. It is hard to say because the idea of finding something wrong in a company’s books and having them trying to kill you is an idea that probably wouldn’t work the second time around. If you don’t mind a slow to start action thriller, then The Accountant is up your aisle.

Grade B