X-Men: Apocalypse Review

By Emanuel Ortiz

And from the ashes of their world, we’ll build a better one.
- Apocalypse

With all the recent superhero movie, it seems as though Apocalypse’s hype was silent. This movie although not hyped, proves to be a worthy successor to Days of Future Past. This hype wasn’t helped by the movies lead antagonist’s first few images prior to the movie’s release. Many fans said he resembled a power ranger villain and was bashed because of that. However, once the movie started, you can see there has been a ton of work to make Apocalypse his own character although if you’re a fan of the comic, he might take a few minutes to get used to. Once his appearance finally does sink in, Apocalypse takes a seat on his mutant throne as a very powerful and menacing antagonist. Apocalypse awakens to find the world different from when he left it and claims that the mutants of the world have lost their way. He recruits four mutant followers and imbues them with power. These followers act as bodyguards and servants following Apocalypse and helping him in his goals for the end of the world.

The followers that Apocalypse recruits are new coming actors minus Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. Apart from Magneto, their reasoning for joining Apocalypse was lacking. Non-existent is a better word to use. Apocalypse goes out to find four followers making them stronger when he sees them. The followers were reluctant when approached by him yet instantly change their mind when given power. Magneto was the best developed follower because we see the reason as to why he decides to join Apocalypse and because of the way he was set up, you understand and sympathize with his anger. Later towards the end of the movie, they make another decision that even Magneto lacks reasoning for. Their decisions seemed jarring and didn’t make sense and is highlighted all the more because it contradicts what they had been doing twenty minutes prior.

The X-Men also had some notable new characters as well such as Jean Grey and Cyclops younger selves which planted the seeds for their troubles and later goals when they’re much older. The stand out however is once again Quicksilver whose scene stole the movie. He has a similar scene to that of Days of Future Past but this one is bigger and better. He once again races through a building and the way it’s filmed makes it seem as time is just stopped or moving slow. This scene garnered many laughs from the audience including myself because of the nonchalant way he handled it. He had a cocky attitude knowing he’s fast and that the situation he is tackling is no problem.

The story is a bit more complex than just Apocalypse taking over the world. There are many subplots within this movie such as Magneto, the introduction of Cyclops, and so forth. With so many subplots, the movie sounds like it would be confusing to follow but it’s actually woven together quite nicely and you never feel as though you’re confused about something that happened except for one scene. This particular scene happened a little over halfway into the movie and was completely random. It featured it a character that some might not have expected to be in the movie. This appearance was brief and fun to watch but doesn’t make sense because of some of the events that occurred in the previous movie.

What X-Men Apocalypse succeeds in is creating wondering introductions to its new members as well as continuing the story of its previous members. There are moments of awe, moments where you feel sympathy for the characters and a surprising amount of humor in this movie. The conflict between the mutants was also impressive to see as they showed off new powers in battles. The action is really well done and you don’t lose track of the characters and what’s going on. It’s not messy at all. At two and a half hours, the movie moves quickly. You never feel as though it drags on because of the seamless transitions from beat to beat to beat.

Grade B