A Way Out of Bad Games


Have you ever felt that with of all the games you have played, there is nothing enticing about any of them? Have you played and successfully completed every co-op related story out there? If so you should consider trying “A Way Out”, a co-op style action-adventure game that follows the lives of two convicts; Vincent and Leo. This game is filled with hours of challenging puzzles, intense flashbacks of criminal pasts, and much more for you and friends to enjoy!“A Way Out” was created just 6 months ago by Hazelight Studios and published by EA Original programs. Josef Fares, film-maker now turned game-developer, is the director of “A Way Out” ,his second game that  developed in his career as a game designer.

“A Way Out”, is a prison break-adventure filled with intense cinematic scenes set in the 1970s. The story is based on a revenge fueled journey with its structured plot line consisting of cinematic flashbacks that further progress the story.  Each flashback is about one of the convict’s stories, how they ended up locked away in prison and what led them to this unfortunate fate. The game has the natural progression and flow of a cinematic movie, where you’ll spend most your time watching cut-scenes that reveal more about the characters story. However, as the main characters you are free to move and walk around as you please once the flashbacks have ceased.

Even though “A Way Out” heavily focuses on the individual inmates backgrounds, it is not a walking simulating adventure but rather a  plot line revolved around its huge variety of mini-games. The mini-games are what keep this game lively and is sure to keep you and your friend occupied while navigating through the cinematic scenes of the story. I’ve found that as the story progresses, you learn more about each character's backstory and understand the decisions they made. The long and treacherous journey Vincent and Lea embarks on will have you on the edge of your seat by the end of the game. Performing tasks together both mellow and dramatic, you are left with a memorable story filled with cinematic scenes from your long journey with your friend.  

There is slight temptation to stay away from this game because the game is thirty dollars, so you may be thinking you have to buy two copies making it sixty dollars. Sounds like a bad choice if you’re a broke college student, but there's a good side to buying this game. You don’t have to buy two copies, buy one and play on the couch with your friend or send an online invitation so your fellow convicts can join from your lobby. “A Way Out” could be the game to enjoy and discover with a friend!

Leo and Vincent are not always on the same page, but as you go forward you find this dynamic between the friends is key to “A Way Out”’s success. The game has a story-line that can keep anyone enticed and the fact that is only 30 dollars sounds like this is a win-win situation.   “A Way Out” is the fun co-op game that you and your friend can enjoy throughout the school year. If you have played every other game, then why not try this game.