Surviving Spree Day

By Nick Trotto

The semester is coming to a end.

You have worked hard all year long, and the countless hours spent completing homework and preparing for class are finally coming to an end. Everybody around campus is cramming for their finals and doing everything possible to get that GPA up. While getting school work and studying may seem like it is on everyone mind, one day in particular is at the forefront: Spree Day.

It’s a day where the all the students (and some locals) unite and drink away the stress of the school year. It’s a celebration that sophomore Ben Ferris refers to as, “a day where the entire campus says it's time to party.” Whether it is your first or seventh year here at Fitchburg State University you’ve have heard of the “celebrations.”


Here are six tips to help you and our friends survive the infamous Spree Day.

1. Go with a group of friends and have a back up plan

I know we have all heard this advice from mom or dad plenty of times before, but it’s true. It is one of the safest systems to guarantee you and your friends have a memorable day. Pick a meeting spot in case you lose track of one of your friends during the controlled mayhem.

2. Keep your phone charged.

It’s a no brainer and second nature to have your phone full of battery. As you start to lose energy throughout the day, your phone battery might too. So spend the remaining amount of time wisely. You never know when your going to have the perfect opportunity for the snap story or a selfie for the Insta.

3. Stay hydrated and eat often throughout the day.

It is never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach especially when you are in it for the long haul on a day like spree day. Find your biggest water bottle and fill it up before you leave. Also grab some snacks high in carbs, protein, and fat to help fight that nasty hangover. A dose of vitamin B complex will help replenish what you lost while drinking, and will help with hangover symptoms.

5. Bring gum

If you are feeling buzzed and nervous to start a conversation with your semester long crush. Chewing gum has proven to improve energy, confidence and concentration. It’s a great trick to try and it will also help fight your booze breath.

6. Don’t lose your booze

This is the one day out of the entire school year the campus and city police are somewhat ok with drinking in public. HOWEVER, this does not mean you can walk around with an open container. When you are walking to the party and leaving make sure to hide your booze inside a backpack or purse. And only drink once you are finally inside the party.

And one last tip, Campus Pizza is packed and usually runs out of bacon, so get yours early.