Struggles of a Commuter


Almost half of the students at Fitchburg State University are commuters. In fact, according to the school’s website, 48% of students are commuters. There are many perks that go with being a commuter, and the majority of them claim that it is their choice to commute. This could be that you don’t have to live in a small dorm room or require a meal plan. Along with that, there are also disadvantages to not taking part in dorm life.

Erin Hooper, a senior only commuting for her last year, felt that the biggest problem she has come across was the parking issue. “If I get there on time, there are no spots. If I get there up to an hour earlier, there are spots but I have to wait around for my class to start.” Erin also said that there have been professors of the school who park in commuter lots. This becomes a problem because unlike commuters, professors do not have to pay for a parking pass. Parking gets worse in the winter time when there are piles of snow in the lot not properly cleared. However, she said commuting is much cheaper and that her driving skills have improved since she became a commuter.

The Commuter Affairs office is a place where commuters can go to meet each other, hang out, and do homework. They put on different programs and events to help commuter students feel more involved on campus. They also have a free carpooling service that connects student commuters to drive together. All these things are to help commuter students feel more at home at Fitchburg State. 

For more information on Commuter Affairs, check out their page at