This Place is Home


Place is a particular position or point in space. Space is a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied. Everyone has a place that they admire and that means a lot to them, whether it be a physical place or mental one. We all have specific reasons for why we are fond of our favorite places.

In terms of physicality my favorite place is home. But that raises a question, “what and where is home?” My definition of home is a place where I am comfortable, where I know and understand my surroundings, and where I feel safe. When I’m home, I know where everything is and how things should be done. When I’m home, my bedroom and bathroom are the two most visited places. In the bathroom I visit my therapist and I go on a world tour, performing dozens of songs. When I’m in the bathroom, I win arguments, plan comebacks for future ones, and use the time to sit on my phone. I completely lose myself, ignoring the fact that I live in a house with several others. Often times, I get confused when someone asks me where I'm from; not knowing if they mean what part of town I live in or if they’re referring where I was born. The first place I was introduced to was Kingston, Jamaica the land of my birth. Though, I only stayed there for a short time after my birth, Jamaica is a place I am very comfortable in. I have everything there; my earliest memories that I hardly remember, a majority of my family, my culture, and most recently, my mother's grave.

My bedroom acts as my private sanctuary. The walls are splattered with my touch of interior design, and the bed is made with name brand Ralph Lauren sheets, topped with my tiny navy blue childhood blanket and a larger gray velvet one for extra warmth. It was a perfect fit for a perfect person. When I’m in my room, behind closed doors, I can be as weird as I please. I lay in my comfortably made bed with snacks all around me, my favorite show playing in the background, and tons of books to read and write in.

As I’ve grown older my most desirable places have changed. They have changed from physical structures to a mental states of mind. Now a days, I’d rather be in my “happy place” than any other place. For example, some days I just get in a certain mood, indicating what I want to do that day, and the things that will contribute to my happiness. I now see that I find comfort in places like my apartment styled college dorm, my close friends’ dorm rooms, and the room of the boy next door back in my hometown. Each of these places reflects people who are important in my life and who bring me happiness and comfort. When I visit any of these places, it is like I have discovered my niche; I know where everything is and how the owners of these places like things to be done. These places also hold memorable moments and good vibes,  making me cherish them even more.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the traditional “favorite places” other people may have, like the movies, the mall, or even the beach. Perhaps even a tropical island like Jamaica or the Bahamas. I do find fun and pleasure in these places, but to me, nothing beats ones mental happiness when they are in a good place.

My favorite place is more of a spiritual state of being rather than a physical place. When I’m there, I’ll always know it, and when a certain place isn’t for me, I’ll catch the negative vibe right away. A quiet place, a happy place, a place for some alone time, a place that is filled with all my favorite items. Those are what I look for, those are the building blocks for the place I’d call “home.”