How Do I Look?


How many times have you looked in the mirror and hated the way you looked physically? Think about it. I am positive that majority of people have done it numerous times because at one point or another, you would not be where you are today if you have not done something about it.

One of the biggest parts of life that people face daily is health, and when I say health, I mean the physical being of health. Dieting, as well as working out, has become a fad to every day Americans, even more than the growing market of electronics. To this day, it’s not about who has the best phone or the best car. Sadly, it’s about what society thinks of your physical appearance, which reflects back on how you feel about yourself.

Everywhere you look, there is not one person that has not thought about their weight. While most people will say they are fine with their current weight, others will mutter that they feel they are either too skinny or feel that they are overweight. However, the constant struggle that those particular people face with themselves is driven by society and social media.

For women, we see Victoria’s Secret models who are posing for sex appeal for their brand with their tight bodies and long legs; it almost seems unreal. Adriana Lima, one of Victoria’s Secret’s longest term models, started at the age of 18 and is now 32 with two children, but had to under go series of diets and workouts to maintain her figure for photo shoots and especially the infamous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show due to the fact that she said her “metabolism has slowed down and needs to watch what she eats”. Not to mention the fact that she had to go on runway only eight weeks after giving birth!

Then there is the rising star, Jennifer Lawrence, 23, who has become one of Hollywood’s most down-to-earth actresses and role models for young women because of how she acts towards “body peace”. We know her from her most recent movie series, The Hunger Games, where she plays Katniss Everdeen, a young woman who fights to the death and wins the 74th Hunger Games with the help of her accomplice, Peeta Mellark.

“In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress. I eat like a caveman. I’ll be the only actress that doesn’t have anorexia rumors! I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I’m invincible. I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner’…..I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong — not thin and underfed” claims Jennifer Lawrence. She truly believes that it should be “illegal to call someone fat on TV” because there is nothing funny about humiliating someone about their weight.

Sure, actresses and models are thin, but how do you think they feel when people comment saying “Throw her a cheeseburger!” or even playing along the lines of the harshest comments saying she is either starving herself, or even having the audacity of joking about the Holocaust. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they never intended to be that thin? It’s how society drove them to be or were born that way.

As for Jennifer Lawrence or even Tyra Banks, a former Victoria’s Secret model, both have come to terms that they may not be stereo typical thin, but curvy. By the definition of “curvy”, we think of a woman with literal curves and a little extra weight, but still fit. However, curvy can even mean something along the lines of Marilyn Monroe, another role model for a majority of women, who was never the average size 2. Just because they are not a certain weight, or look pencil thin in pictures, doesn’t that mean they have to adjust their own lifestyle to fit society’s.

Same thing goes with men. We see male models, sports players, and actors daily that have “impressive bodies” that are built and cut, but did you ever stop to think of everything they went through to get to that point?

Not every man can be like Channing Tatum, Cristiano Ronaldo, or even Ryan Reynolds, but that’s okay. They are in the business for a reason, but none of them are perfect. They all have their own individual flaws that they face daily as well that are personal to them.

Channing Tatum is a world renowned “sexy” actor seen in She’s The Man, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Fighter, 21 Jump Street, White House Down, Step Up, and, of course, Magic Mike, but he was not just born with his body the way it’s built today. To obtain the body needed for the specific roles, he had to do series of intense training for days on end for up to 3 hours and the days depended on what area of his body he would work out. As for dieting, he had a strict diet that he had to retain to so he could maintain his body weight and appearance. More recently, when he appeared on Ellen DeGeneres, he exclaimed that he was “Fappy” meaning fat and happy, because he has been taking a break to focus on his wife and child more than strength training and exercise.

As for the 29 year old Portuguese soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, he has to maintain his training for his sport, not depending on a certain role. He practices 5 times a week for 3-4 hours a day with dieting. With that being said, he also does high intensity training with running, cardio, and even up to 3000 sit ups to maintain his six-pack.

It all comes down to acceptance. Stop fighting yourself every day crying, causing yourself physical harm, over working yourself, over eating, stressing, and anything or everything you can think of. It’s time to make peace with your body.

For all of you that are thinner than average, just because you are thinner does not mean you have an eating disorder or there is something wrong with your body. Those of you that are average and think you are boring, you are all unique in your own way. For those that are thicker than average, do not label yourself as fat or big or anything else because you may just have “more heart in one ass cheek” than anyone else who sits there and decides to pick on you because they are that insecure about themselves. All of you should love your body the way it is.

From a personal stand point, I have accepted my body. I’m 165 lbs. Sure. I’m not 120 lbs, but I don’t need to be. I have curves, thighs, breasts, and a butt, so what? All women do, some more than others. Some people may feel that because I am heavier that I appear heavier than others, but it is just a number. I have had my days where I felt uncomfortable wearing tight shirts because I don’t want to have a “muffin top” and even went through the faze of crying because none of my jeans would fit, so I had to wear yoga pants or sweatpants. But I have learned that just because something doesn’t fit does not mean I’m fat, it means that I have out grown it, and I don’t need to change, I can still wear jeans, just a different size.

If you are unhappy, there are healthy ways of changing your lifestyle to change your outlook on life, but do not do it for society, do it to better yourself. It should not matter what others think of you, but what you think of yourself.