Local Cemetery Rumors: Fact or Fiction?


Rumor has it that there’s a haunted cemetery in Fitchburg. Dean Hill cemetery, better known as “The Rev”, is a centuries-old cemetery deep in the boonies of Fitchburg that originated as a burial ground for Revolutionary War vets. The long, steep roads leading to the cemetery get worse as you go along, and the area seems less and less populated until you reach the cemetery at the end of a narrow dirt road. Even at 10 in the morning, the place is undoubtedly creepy.

The Rev is a small cemetery, as was the norm for most Revolutionary War-era rural New England cemeteries. Many graves are cracked and broken, and it’s easy to trip and hurt yourself. The trees surrounding the road look like gnarled hands about to claw at you. The surrounding flora is brown and dead throughout all four seasons.

Myths surrounding the Fitchburg cemetery range from the slightly spooky and farfetched to the truly terrifying. Some locals have said that if one walks the road that the cemetery is on at night, they’ll see the ghosts of the veterans and other specters. Even worse, it’s also said that a few years ago, two teenagers performed a ritual that opened the gates to another world.

The worst story, though, is one of a group of college kids exploring at night. Shortly after arriving, they were scared off the property, and two of them disappeared – local news archives say that they were never found.

There’s no denying that the Rev is an eerie place, for sure, but there’s also no concrete evidence on whether or not the cemetery is actually haunted by restless souls. The only way to find that out is to go explore it yourself, but be careful – you never know what could happen after dark.