Money is the biggest concern in my life right now. We live in a society that puts a numerical value on our lives. It’s called net worth. As of recently, I’ve found that this little slip of green paper or a number in a check book has so much sway over our lives. The thing that boggles my mind is that money and value and numbers are completely made up. They do not exist. It is a figment of the human mind. We created these ideas so that we may conduct business in a way different from simply trading.

It has come to that point in our lives when we are defined by what we earn. My question is in the grand scheme of all life, can we be something more to everyone? To our friends, family and everyone else we associate with, we are something more than a number. However, when it comes to everyone else, we can come down to a number. When we go on a date, one of the first things considered is, “How much money do they have?”

Money is a gas. Money expands and spreads over the population and infects everyone. Once money works its way into a situation, it is impossible to remove it. Its influence may be lessened but it will always be there, in the back of people’s mind. Like a gas, money fills a space entirely. You can operate through it and function but it is there.

Money is a hit. Its a drug. Having it. Using it. Anything to do with it. Any interaction with money gives us a hit. Getting a check from work or a gift of money gives us a feeling of euphoria. We are addicted.

Bizarre to think that we as people have put a value on our time. Business practice has an idea called opportunity cost, which means that in the amount of time I spent doing x,y and z, I could’ve made X amount of cash. We have put a value on time. In regards to that, we must consider what value means. Is value simply monetary gain or can value mean experience as well? Yes, I spent my time reading a book or playing a game or spending time with my friends but does that mean that I lost out? I could’ve spent my time at my job, making money which is good. However, when it comes down to it, we must consider what we want more in terms of what we value. It is gospel that humans value. Our choice is what we value and what we put stock in. When it comes to money and chasing a numerical idea, we are going after something that comes and goes as easily as the wind.