ADVICE: How do I tell my lesbian mother that I still love her?

Dear Friend,

Perhaps she does not deserve your love.  Think about it.  Think of everything you did for her.  Think of all the times you lay awake at night, tears trickling from your young, naive eyes, reminiscing on all the ways she let you down.  That school play you were in during 4th grade?  You worked so hard on that role.  You were the cloud, remember?  You were so excited to show your mother how hard you worked, the hours you spent making the costume, and how clearly you delivered your one line.  But as you gazed out into the audience of bored parents, your mother was not there?  Where was she?  Sitting in front of the television eating Ben and Jerry’s and drinking straight vodka.  Or that one time she told you she wished you were never born?  I bet you forgot about that, but I didn’t.  I will never forget how much it hurt you.  You still cry about it.  It is, I believe, the root of your self-esteem problems.  I think the real question is, how can you love someone else, when you can’t even love yourself?  Don’t give into her manipulative ways.  You are perfect the way your are, sunshine.  You go out there and show that old hag that you are worth something, and BY GOD YOU’RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE!