ADVICE: How can I Have a Memorable Super Bowl Sunday?


Dear Friend,

Everyone loves getting together to watch the Super Bowl, regardless of which teams end up making it there. The food, the drinking games, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, and spending time with your friends and family make the whole day worthwhile for millions of Americans. With that in mind, here are some tips to make your Super Bowl Sunday one to remember:

Go Outside:

Seriously, spending the whole day inside with copious amounts of comfort food and alcohol has no positive bearing on your health. Go out and play touch football before the game, go play pond hockey or street hockey, go build a snowman with your kids (if you have them and live in a state that actually gets snow), or basically anything that involves some sort of physical activity. Just because the game lasts for four hours does not mean you have to spend the other 20 hours of your day binge eating/drinking and sitting on the couch waiting in anticipation.

Actually Spend Time with your Family:

Part of the appeal of the Super Bowl undoubtedly lies in everybody getting together for the game. Be it your family, best friends, or everybody in your neighbourhood (if you love hosting like I do), actually enjoy your guests’ company and converse with them. They did not show up simply for free food and a view of the game (unless they are really shitty friends). Actually be a good host and entertain them the right way, by being yourself and caring about their existence.

Be Smart about your Dining Choices:

Pizza and beer are great for sports. But, the thing is, not everybody likes them. Do not be afraid to fire up the grill for burgers and ribs, use the crockpot for chicken wings and meatballs, and be sure to have some backups for the vegetarians that may show up. Also, unless everyone sleeps over, make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks so that everyone can get home safely.

DO NOT Watch the Game:

Think about it! You support a sport that has more concerns over a ball’s PSI than domestic violence, rape, attempted murder, and actually paying their athletes and referees the money they deserve. Watch a movie, or your favourite TV sitcom, or basically anything that is not football. There are a slew of NBA and NHL games on TV in multiple markets on multiple channels, so just pick that instead.