Finding a Job


Getting Started

Make sure you have on hand, tissues, chocolate, Netflix, and addicting Nicholas Sparks’ novels.

  • Listen to a professor or advisor lecture on success and how you have not yet achieved that said success in the real world (Feel your head start to hurt). 

  • Sit in your chair silently, trying to come up with job options and why people should want to hire you.

  • Walk out of class or office feeling utterly hopeless, convinced you’ll never make it in the real world.

  • Go home to cry, binge eat, watch Netflix and sleep.

  • Once you’ve done all this you are ready to begin the prepping stage.

Meal Prep

  • Sit in front of your computer screen, willing yourself to write something and wasting two hours instead.

  • Do everything you can to avoid starting to job search, go on Youtube, Facebook, any social media app and stalk people that are more “successful” than you.

  • Convince yourself of your potential, by doing a dramatic sing and dance routine to Christina Aguilera’s "I am Beautiful".

  • Now, take a shower, because you are a mess.

  • Finally, sit down and look up jobs that are in your field. It doesn’t matter how impossible some of them seem, reach for it.

  • Read through all of the boring, but essential information for applications and make a calendar so that you won’t miss any deadlines.

  • Create documents and folders for each of the places you plan to apply. (I suggest starting out with 6-10)

  • Now, create a Cover Letter. This seems impossible, but there are great how-to lessons online and you can always ask a favorite professor to review it for you.

  • Next, make sure you have a Resume all ready to go and any samples of your work that you might be required to do on the job.

  • Read through these documents, make sure they are perfect and put them in a folder.

  • Wait until time is right to send out applications.

Cook Time

  • Compose a professional email, in which you are overly polite and cheery

  • Attach application files and hit SEND

  • Wait… and wait… and wait…

  • When the first couple of applications come back as rejections don’t panic! Cry if you need to and then brush it off, something will come.

  • Make sure you keep checking in on those applications that you sent out. Follow up if you have to.


  • When you get that call for an interview, freak out on the inside, but then put on your big kid pants and walk out your door into the real world. You’re finally ready.

  • Enjoy!