In Memoriam of a Day Long Gone: Black

By Dan Hein

You sure spend a lot of time thinking about how much I hurt you in the past. Why won’t you think about me now?

I know I’ve caused you so much pain in the past, and I hate every part of it just as much as you do. But that was the past. I’m different now - you’re the one who hasn’t changed.

Why can’t you remember the good times we spent together? I could give you a lifetime of that now, and you don’t care. Just because I made a bunch of mistakes before.

I admit that. I made mistakes. We both did. We’re only human.

Who’s gonna comfort you when you remember all the wonderful times we had together? You’re gonna think about them - it’s gonna happen. And when you miss me, where are you gonna go? Are you gonna come find me so you can relive those days? Or will you remain headstrong and die alone?

But you won’t listen to that. You’ll just say that I still did the horrible things that I did, and that me being better know doesn’t change that fact. Well, you’re right. Those things still happened, and would still have happened if I changed now. What do you want me to do? Go back in time and fix it? You’re mad at me for something I can’t change. You know it, and you’re using it against me. Emotional manipulation at its finest.

I’m smarter than that. I know what’s happening now. I don’t concern myself with the past.

I’ve moved on. Why won’t you?