The Hero!!

By Josef Davis

Link to Music Video:

    Heroes are something important to me. I also enjoy music. Music does not have to be understood to be good. It does not even have to be in your language to understand it. It can still get its point across, be it if the song is in English or in this case, Japanese.

    Although the song is for the anime, “One Punch Man,” the song still resonates with me, between the high and fast pace singing, to the mix of English and Japanese. Listening to it on its own or reading the subtitles of what is being sung gives it a variety of choice. It is about a hero, and every time I hear the song, it reminds me of the idea of heroes more and more.

    A hero, well in this song’s case, refers to one that is powerful, one that gets up and does not back down. A true hero tests one’s own limits to get stronger and does not look for any sort of praise in return. A hero will do anything and never turn their back away from those who need it. This is the type of hero I always think about. Not just the ones I read in comics, but the ones I write in my personal stories.

    There is a lot about the idea of a hero that the song refers to. I agree with a lot of it. The hero that goes to fight evil, even knowing that one day they could lose. Sure there are some ideas of a hero that I do not agree with. I view a hero as someone who will do right because it is, and inspires hope in others. A hero is someone who no matter what will stay strong, even if the odds are against them. I do not get that feeling from the song. But the song resonates with me more due to what I agree with. Yet to just close my eyes, let the music ring in my ears and let my imagination wonder, I still gain that sense of what I think a hero is.

    Heroes are important; it does not have to be that fictional one that defeats evil in comics, but just any person that can be looked up to as a hero. They inspire us, help us, and so much more. The song reminds me of all those things and more on what a hero is. The song is just one of many that can give those thoughts. There are many out there that do it too. But there is just something about this one, maybe because my view of a hero has changed since hearing all those other songs so long ago. The song just allows for that idea of a hero to flourish in my mind and serves as a reminder that we can all be heroes given the chance.