Comfort's Decay




(Verse 1): 

Tell me when did this bright eruption 

Inject itself into our every moment 

Cause the ground is shaking when all is still 

As we stay nestled into what won’t kill 

When it bends our bones as the crowd turns away 

And our hearts start to writhe at comfort’s decay 

And ask the questions only skies can hear 

Pray for rain and hang on dearly 


So paint me, a field of flowers 

From the rubble everything become 

Set the scene and let’s move forward 

It only burns because we’ve become the sun 

(Verse 2): 

As we breathe we almost choke on the spectrum 

Like slaves to our prism minds 

When the infinite is broken down 

We’re left shouting in a world without sound 

Still we embody freedom 

The kind that most are afraid to hold 

Time will tell if we can hold ourselves 

Time’s distorted in our pretty hell 


(Chorus) 2x