If I Could


If I could, I would stand up and tell you all exactly what is in my head.

The words rattle around like spare change.

I've made a change; a few changes, enough change,

To buy myself a cup of coffee, and perhaps,

Some piece of mind.

If I could, I would stand up in front of you, and spill my guts.

Dirty the floor, make mess of the stage, color the walls.

I would scribble outside of the lines,

Re-define my boundaries,

Re-define myself, and the way that you’re looking at me,

And the way that we look at ourselves.

If I could, I’d buy you all a cup of coffee and some piece of mind.

I’d share this stage; we’d make a mess of this place.

Shaky hands would color on the walls, shaking voices would pollute the air..

Will pollute the air.

Let’s fill this space with our redefinitions of ourselves.

If I could, I would; and I can, start with me.

And we should.

And we can.

And we will.