Poptart on the Ground

By Kevin Fitzmaurice

About three years ago on a beautiful spring day. The sky was blue, the air was cool, and the sun was bright. I remember particularly how green all the trees and grass were because we had a brutal winter and everyone was anticipating the arrival of spring; it was the first nice day of spring. I was taking a walk in my hometown of Orange, MA after I had just smoked a nice bowl. I never was one of those stoners who could just sit there inside all day long and watch TV or play video games, especially on a day like this. I felt when I smoked it opened up my mind and allowed me to look at things in a much deeper aspect than what appeared to the naked eye.

As I was walking down the street enjoying all the birds chirping and the sun shining, kids riding bikes and playing outside. Other people walking or taking their dogs out, joggers getting that fresh air after running on treadmills for six months. I was on my way to meet a friend when I noticed a small portion of a what appeared to be an “Chocolate ice cream sundae” Poptart. I stopped and wanted to take a picture for some reason and upload it to my Instagram. At the time when I used to smoke, I always would take pictures of interesting things I had run into and post them on social media.

As I am sitting here looking like an idiot staring at the ground in the middle of town. I started to think of the background of this Poptart and what it was doing here. I thought to myself, someone does not have the time to sit down and eat a breakfast or cook one. I also thought that maybe his or her parent(s) do not have time to cook them breakfast because either they are too lazy, do not have enough money for food, or are running late for work. So the person was eating the rest of the Poptart on the way to school or work in the morning or waiting for the bus and dropped a piece because they can get pretty crumby sometimes. Then it got me thinking as I looked down at this newly paved sidewalk how crazy it is, that is preposterous to eat a piece of food we just dropped off the ground but yet some kids and people in other countries have to eat bugs and plants out of the ground and that comes from dirt. Yet this is a nicely paved sidewalk. Someone somewhere would kill and fight for this little piece of Poptart that we would just waste and throw away. We waste so much food when this world does not have much food to waste. Like I had mentioned earlier, I liked to think deeper into things and not just see them for what they are, like a little piece of a Poptart on the ground.