The Everyday Struggle of Woman (A Day in the Life Photo Montage)

By Faith Chesbrough




May Tide have mercy on your sheets. Waking up to last night’s makeup smeared all over your favorite pillow sucks, and reminds you why you need to take it off.

Rushing through your morning shower can be a dangerous pastime.


Hair today, gone tomorrow. That moment when you think you’re going bald from all the hair clogging the drain after a shower. Either that, or you just haven’t remembered to clean it in a few days...


Nothing says “give up and go back to bed” like messing up your eyeliner or smudging your mascara across your lid.


All you wanted was to reach into that snack bag, maybe put on some jeans. You thought your nails were dry, but they never are. Is 20 minutes under the heat lamp just not enough time?


The endless hunt for bobby pins--always needing one of these, but never finding them where you left them. They’re probably temporarily serving as a bag closer, living a different life trying to be a safety pin, or coated in debris at the bottom of your bag.




At the end of the day, the best feeling is releasing your feet from their spiked prison and enjoying that moment of sweet release as your aching arches make contact with the solid, flat ground.


Trying to take your elastic out? What a valiant notion. Didn’t you know they fuse into hair, becoming one with the knots?


Once you do finally get that knot out there's more panic at hair loss. How much is too much??


You’re trying to kiss the day away, not your lipstick. Even when unwinding and enjoying a drink, the struggle continues.



Photographed by Nina DiRusso and Faith Chesbrough

Model: Lindsay Moylan

Director/Concept: Faith Chesbrough