Random Interview with Melodee Quintong


Do you like bananas? Why or why not?

Yes. I guess the taste. I guess I like tropical fruit.

Where did you get that(hat)?

Hot topic

What is your favorite sports team? Why?

I don’t like sports, one, because i just don’t find sports interesting, and two, because I just physically can’t play sports. I mean i probably can, but I just don’t. But I did do boxing for six months but it got too expensive. I have a boxing bag and when i get really upset i go beat the shit out of it.

If you could have any talent, what would it be? Why?

For school, I would want better spelling or grammar, but for hobbies, I would want to dance act or write.

And would you be willing to give up one of your present talents to have that one?

Definitely not. Singing will get me far, dancing won’t.

What is your favorite crustacean?

Sebastian. The Little Mermaid has been my favorite movie ever since I first watched it.

Why do you like the little mermaid so much?

I like The Little Mermaid Two actually, because the daughter’s name is Melody. I thought Ariel kidnapped me and sang me to bed every night.

Do u prefer iPhone or Android? Why?

Neither, to be honest. I’ve always had an Android and i got an iPhone, but they are both good and bad for different reasons. so whichever is cheaper at the time.

What is the holiday you hate the most?

Valentine’s Day. My birthday is on the 9th so all my presents are Valentine-related. And i always break up with my boyfriend before Valentines day.

Which do you prefer, chicken, turkey or ham?

Right now, I would say chicken. I have three Thanksgivings, one for my dad’s side of the family, one for my mom’s and one for my immediate family, so the rest of the year I am sick of turkey. I have a hispanic family, so my grandmother always gave me chicken, I always had chicken in my hand when i was a baby.

How much are you willing to pay for a slab of steak?

I don’t really go out to restaurants to eat steak, my dad cooks steak. At restaurants, I usually get chicken. If my dad sold steak, I would buy it. His steak is called yummy steak. If I saw “yummy steak” at a restaurant, I would definitely get it! He makes it hispanic style with spices and rice, and it is the most delicious thing in the world.

If you were in the hunger games, which weapon would you choose from the cornucopia?

Assuming I don’t get killed going to the cornucopia, assuming I have some sort of ability to help me survive, I think i would probably grab some sort of axe. If I had a bow and arrow, I’d be like “but there’s no blood...”. So I’d get an axe and be like, smack! *makes a swinging motion with her arms* But, I would grab supplies first. I am the type of person to make a plan, and I would take like three hours to make it.

If you got an ice cream tattoo, where would you get it?

Well, I don’t want a tramp stamp. I don’t think I’d want it on the ankle. And I don’t want it on my shoulder. I wouldn’t have it on my boob, but I think it would be cute to have it there cuz it would be close to my heart.  I wouldn’t get it on my arm, or my face cuz thats just creepy, or the back of my neck cuz its creepy, what if they kill me while tattooing? Not my butt cuz who gets it on their butt? What about my thigh? Ooh. No, maybe not. At the same time, I don’t want a tattoo. Can it be a stick-on tattoo? In that case I’d get it anywhere. On my face, my arm, but not a tramp stamp. Probably on my cheek. It would be in a cup with a cone on top, and it would probably have chocolate sprinkles on it. The flavor would be vanilla, oreo or chocolate chip. Whichever I was in the mood for at the time. It would definitely be vanilla based with some sort of chocolate in it.