Interview with Atlas


From left to right: Matt (Drums), Craig (Bass), Tim (Guitar), Neil (Guitar), Corey (Lead vocals), and Brian (Guitar)

Atlas is a local up and coming band from the Leominster area. They have been around for about three years playing shows locally and have a large fan base in New England. Their unique style and quirky personalities make them a fun band to watch live. They have recently gone to Michigan to record a new album that is long anticipated and you need to meet them! Corey and Tim, the designated spokesmen for the band have agreed to answer questions for those of us that are dying to get to know what’s behind such a talented group.


Progressive post-hardcore, love-core

Top Three Influences:

Mountain Dew, Hess Gas Station, One Direction.



     “The Lost Boys”                                                            “Tiger Lily”

(CD release for “The Lost Boys”)

What’s the current status of Atlas? What are you guys up to?

Corey: Our producer, Joey Sturgis advised us to lay low because we are considering a name change, but record deals, music videos, tour, CD release, and new merchandise are all coming soon.

Why are you guys considering a name change?

Tim: Since the start of the band, we’ve had trouble with exposure and getting our name out there. Atlas is a common band name and company name worldwide. Although we have worked our way to the top with our name, we would rather a more unique name where it’s easy to find us on any social network. We have some new choices we will be announcing at the appropriate time.

When you travel to play a show/tour, how do you kill time?

Corey: It usually involves talking shit to each other. We always want to one up each other on insults. We play Magic, listen to music, write music, and a game called Three Words.

What’s “Three Words?”

Corey: Three Words is a game we pull up to toll booths where the band members shout out three words to the driver where he has to incorporate those three words into conversation with the toll booth worker before we pull away.

Can you give me an instance?

Corey: Like this one time, in Ohio I was given Gandalf, blueberries and beautiful. And I asked the toll booth lady, “is there anywhere in town where we can pick some fresh blueberries?” And she proceeded to list some places I could go to. And I told them we were coming back from a Lord of the Rings convention and if they liked my Gandalf statue because we had one on the dashboard. I concluded by saying that the young lady looked beautiful and thanked her for her help. That is a little more appropriate than some of the ones we get. We tend to give Brian ones that involve fecal matter and STD’s because Brian’s like a Pokémon trainer; he just wants to catch them all. *laughs*

How did you find gentlemen get together to form Atlas?

Tim: The band really started off with my brother and I. We grew up learning and playing guitar together. We'd always share different types of music with one another and jam together until one day we decided to form a full band of our own. Having both been in local bands before we, knew exactly who we wanted to play with. Craig, who plays bass, is a longtime friend of ours and also incredibly talented so that was kinda a no brainer. For drums I reached out to a high school friend of mine named Matt. We happened to both be attending the same college so I contacted him. We talked and hung out and he joined almost instantly. The last step was to find a vocalist. I was asking around about good singers and screamers from the area when one of my friends suggested I contact Brian. Brian's been in local bands for years and could actually sing/scream very well, as well as play guitar so I thought he'd be perfect. I brought the band up to him and he seemed to be pumped on it so we had our band. We wrote a handful of songs then began to start playing locally. After a few shows we started getting a small following. It was at one such show that we happened to notice Corey performing with another band. He had one of those voices that just made me really take notice; I wanted him to be in our band. Realizing the immense amount of talent he had Brian agreed to move to guitar and backup vocals so we could ask Corey to join. Corey was the final piece and with him joining Atlas became to band it is today. *Smiles*

What’s the best part about playing a show?

Corey: Seeing kids scream my lyrics back in my face.

What lyrics (that you’ve written) are your favorite?

Corey: “I’ve been promised the best years, but suffered some of the worst. I’m not asking for much here, just something good to come first.”

What do you hope your listeners/fans get from listening?

Corey: My music isn’t really about relaying messages. It’s rather selfish, but if someone can relate that makes it that much easier for me to perform those lyrics. I am really happy when a fan comes up to me and tells me they can really relate to my music.

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