I Travel Because...


This past summer, I spent two months studying abroad at the University of Stirling in Scotland. I took part in an internship program at one of the local youth hostels called Willy Wallace. While there, I decided it would be really interesting to interview various guests who stayed in the hostel about traveling and different topics. I kept the final question the same in each interview: “Why do you travel?” It’s rather broad, but I love the cool answers I got from all over the world.


“Why do I travel? I guess for me, I grew up reading about all these different places in the world, and to be able to see them is amazing.  Instead of seeing them through someone else’s eyes, I’m seeing them through my own.”

    -Hannah (Maine, United States)

“I travel for many reasons. Usually I have a purpose. I have travelled very few times just for pleasure. When I have something to do or something that I wish to do. That’s why I travel, because I have a specific goal that I want to accomplish.”

    -Ismini (Kalamata, Greece)

“I travel because I’d like to see the world, and I’m young. I’m only 18, so when I have some money from working I’d like to take it and go and see different places. Next, I will be going to Florida with my family in the coming year. I’ve been there four times before, but I don’t mind it. I don’t know, after that I might go away to Vienna or something, one of those Swiss places. There’s a lot of places I could go, but I’m here now, so I might as well enjoy this.”

    -Colin (Dublin, Ireland)

“I travel because I believe my parents instilled it into me so I’ve just always loved it. There’s so much to see.”

    -Nathan (Australia)

“If you notice you are happy at home, you have habits and a routine. When you travel, you don’t have those familiar things; you just live in the real moment each time. It’s something that I would like to research about traveling. Live your real moments. Don’t think about the future or the past, just think now.”

    -George (Quebec, Canada)

“I travel to get to know myself, and when traveling to all these different places, you can see all these cultures and different ways to live. It’s good because traveling allows you to see that we are not the center of the world, there is much more out there.”

    -Esther (Barcelona, Spain)

“I am not really a travel guy, I am not interested in seeing the world in general. A year ago, I never wanted to travel anywhere, I just wanted to be at my home, content. I had some problems, and after that I realized I have to think about myself in order to resolve all those problems. I felt that traveling would help me to understand myself better. I don’t think that I will travel much more than what I have done, because it was kind of a once in a lifetime experience. I needed to go for myself.”

    -Christian (Montreal, Canada)

“I travel to avoid growing up. When you stay in one place, you have to do a career, have a family. But when you travel people say, “oh, he’s traveling.”

    -Maichak (Warsaw, Poland)

“The reason why we all travel; we all want to see the world, to say we’ve been to places we have seen in pictures or have read about. It is in our nature to want to explore. Buzz Aldrich said that.

    -Gustavo (Massachusetts, United States)

“I travel because I like experiencing different cultures and seeing different sites.”

    -Maggie (Texas, United States)

“To meet people and to see new things.”

    -Allison (Melbourne, Australia)

“I travel to meet interesting people. I think the best way to do this is to go camping and hitchhiking. I do this for the experience.”

    -Joseph (Western Germany)

“I travel because I absolutely love it! I love seeing different places, meeting different people; young or old,

It doesn’t matter. I just love it. And that’s what happens in the dancing. People get on the floor and I meet them, and we make it through the dance together. I’m lucky if I know it, but it is still so meaningful. You form a bond through something that is special to everyone involved.”

    -Grandma Katherine (Melbourne, Australia)

“I travel because I am still quite young. I want to discover other countries before it becomes time to settle down in the city and raise a family, so that I cannot travel often anymore. I need to make the most of the time that I have right now.”

    -Julian (Paris, France)

“I travel to feel alive. I think that some of the best moments in your life can come from being out of your comfort zone. I also travel to return home. There’s nothing sweeter than having an amazing place to head back to when you are ready. Lastly, I travel to find stories, to make my own and to hear other peoples’. I believe it’s the greatest gift we can grant ourselves, because stories can be passed on for centuries.”

    -Tava (MA, United States)