Visions Interview - Kiara Picardo

Interview by Katie McDonough

Kiara Picardo is a Senior majoring in Communication media with a concentration in theater. The Lawerence native’s spoken word poetry piece will be featured in the Visions 2016 show at Fitchburg State University.


How did you come up with the name of you piece?

Usually when I write poetry pieces, I like to take a line from the actual piece. Preferably something that is in the middle or the end because I don’t want it to sound funny when I say the title and then start off with the same words. It is actually the second to last line of the poem, “We will always be.”


What was your vision for your piece?

I wrote this in February of 2013, and I only know this because I performed it a few days later on Valentines day. It was funny because I was watching a Netflix movie that I can’t remember the name of. In this movie there are two male best friends, a “good guy” and a “bad boy.” The “good guy” went away and met this girl and brought her back to his home town. His best friend, the “bad boy” and the girl end up falling in love. The “good guy” was in love with her but they all started hanging out together. The two ended up become exclusive and the “good guy” feels really bad about it and stops hanging out with them. They unintentionally meet up at a field they used to hang out at together when they were younger. The good guy was flying a kite and the bad boy went up to him and says how they are all like this kite. How the girl is the string just roaming around and the good guy is the handles guiding her to make sure she doesn’t get cut off and make sure its going to the right place. Immediately after I watched the movie I just got inspired and began typing. I didn’t go to sleep until I finished it and memorized the whole thing, which ended up being around 3 am.


What techniques did you use when making your piece?

This is a spoken word piece so previously I’ve always watched deaf jam poetry and spoken word things on YouTube. I use specific techniques with my voices especially like how I talk. How I talk normally is definitely not how I perform my pieces. Every piece is different though because I have this one piece where I sound like I am from the South. Then there is this Kite piece where I have a sort of American accent.


Describe your style as an artist in one word?

I’m not sure. I like creating pieces of art that provoke emotions. It doesn’t matter what emotion, I just like dragging that out of people. I feel like that is not easy so when I am able to do that it is really satisfying. I like getting feedback in that way where they don’t have to talk but they’re feeling something because of something they saw of mine or heard of mine. Thought-Provoking.


What do you think matters most in your artwork?

Truth. I like in each of my art pieces, even as an actor or someone who writes poetry or photography, I like showing a little bit of me in each art form. In that way it also provokes other peoples emotions because they’re feeling it being raw.


What is the most unusual piece you’ve thought of or created?

Unusual. I don’t find them unusual. I have some pieces that are harder to hear than others. I have one poetry piece where people, literally at the end, they look like they are about to cry. That one isn’t usual but it is the one that is the most different. When I usually write about poems it tends to be about relationships, good or bad. Now that I think of it, there is one unusually piece I wrote. Someone had made fun of me for being a virgin and at the time I was young. They hadn’t done it to my face but they were spreading rumor about it. I wrote a piece because she had a baby in high school and didn’t finish high school but I finished before her. I wrote that piece more so out of anger and it was very different than other things I have written.


What do you do when you hit a creative road block?

When it comes to poetry I can only really write good pieces when I am going through something. I hit writer's block when my life is good! It is horrible. Also, when I am doing a lot of theater I always hit writer's block. Theater is so time consuming and emotionally consuming that I can’t find the muse.


Has there ever been a piece of art, film, play that you saw and you thought, “Wow. That’s amazing. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Oh my God. Everyday. I think there is always, in any type of art, film or 3D project. Not that I feel like “wow why didn’t I think of that” but I always think about how they thought of that. I always get so impressed with what thought process they had that brought them to that.