Visions Interview - Lindsey

Interview by Corey Hennessey 

Lindsey McGann is a photography major and a junior. Three of her pieces, untitled, Dust, and Krizdk are set to be exhibited within the works of Visions. She hopes to improve her skills so that she can freelance as a music photographer and a fashion photographer.

Corey: So, what made you want to join visions?

Lindsey: As a Freshman I always looked up to the people who got into Visions, ‘cause, those were the people I aspired to become. Their work, when I was an underclassman, seemed to be so wow. Like, how can I get to this level?

Corey: How excited are you to get in?

Lindsey: I feel like a lot of upperclassmen get into it, but, it definitely is an important thing. I was amazed that I got three photos in, because normally you get two or one. So, that was cool. I submitted four. My film print, that didn’t come out as well didn’t get in. But the three that I probably liked best got in, so I was still happy with what did get in.

Corey: One of the standard questions was to describe your style in one word, and that’s probably going to be hard.

Lindsey: That’s extremely hard. I feel like, I’m still discovering my style. I feel like I don’t really have a word to describe it since it’s not set in stone yet. But, it’s getting there.

Corey: What are you trying to put into your photos as a message or something that ties them together with a theme?

Lindsey: See, for the most part I’m trying to do fashion and music photography, and I feel like there’s only so much stylist elements you can put into that. So, I feel like I just want it to catch people’s attention.

Corey: For the photos you sent in. Who’s KrizDK?

Lindsey: He’s a professional drummer. I took a music seminar over the summer. I learned a ton, and he was just one of the guys who offered to model for us. It’s one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken because it’s so intense.

Corey: That’s exactly what I wrote for it. “It’s very intense.” So what exactly were you going for with this?

Lindsey: So, he and his band like to really keep their appearances up, and like it be very moody and dark and metal. We were around this mill in Holyoke. We felt like that spot would portray what he’s trying to with his music.

Corey: This is what you want to be doing later in life right?

Lindsey: Yeah, that and fashion photography, I like both, so why pick one? So, that was very fun. It was also the first time I got to work with professionals. I’m still in school so, I was like, “Oh my gosh I’m so out of my league!” But, they ended up being really supportive and it was really cool.

Corey: So untitled. Why is it untitled?

Lindsey: Because I couldn’t find a better title when I was doing it. It’s funny because, the person who’s doing the show, Jenny, she was writing down stuff so she’d remember each of them. She ended up calling my Dust one Working girl, which I like way better than what I wrote down when I was submitting it. So for the untitled one, I didn’t really know what to call it. It’s a strange photo, so I didn’t really think of a set of words to describe it. If a title comes to me later, maybe I’ll start using it. But for now, it’s untitled.

Corey: How did you get that one? It’s so cool, how did you do it?

Lindsey: It was last year. We had to do a creative portrait. My sister was really into those color runs, it’s a five K where they through colored dust at you. It’s called Holly powder. I ended up buying like, a lot of it online. I still have some in my basement.

The original idea was to just have her roommate throw powder at her while she did different fashion poses. It didn’t work out as well as I wanted it to, but by the end of it she just had a ton of it in her hair. And so, we put more into her hair. And so while we were shooting I just had her flip her hair up. It was just sort of a spontaneous thing that happened while shooting trying to get something else, and it worked out.

Corey: Which one of these pieces was your favorite?

Lindsey: I love them all. I would probably have to say that the KrizDK one was my favorite because, I was so nervous going to that seminar. Working with people on that level was very intimidating last year. Now that I’ve done it, I’m like ok. They’re not so bad, they’re nice people and they all understand that you come from somewhere. But last summer I was so nervous about it and I was so nervous that I wouldn’t get any good shots because when you’re nervous you don’t think as well. And I’d never worked with a professional model before, so I thought this could go very badly. So, being able to work through that to get the image, and it coming out so well makes me like that one the best. It wasn’t just to one of my friends who I said, “oh model for me.” It was extremely scary, but I was able to push through.