A Look at Some of Boston’s Well Known Areas and their Unique Bakeries

By Stefani Muñoz

Boston, the boisterous capital that we are all so familiar with, is to some an untapped resource despite its proximity to the surrounding counties of Massachusetts. In hindsight, the short distance may be taken for granted as I would often do. But this past weekend I had the opportunity to spend the day in the city and explore some of its more popular destinations as well as some of the bakeries in the surrounding area. Here I have compiled a miniscule itinerary of the places you may wish to consider when planning your own trip into Massachusetts capital, such as Newbury Street, The Boston Public Market, and Downtown Crossing.

12 p.m. Exploration of Newbury Street

    After some research, one of the main reasons why we began our day at Newbury Street was the news of a new Harry Potter themed store called “The Fairy Shop”. When first walking in you feel transported to a completely different place. About as small as the cupboard under the stairs, the Harry Potter store offers an ambiance of whimsical proportions with Harry Potter theme music and paraphernalia stacked and wonderfully organized against the walls. Other stores that would be worth patronizing would be Muji which offers minimalistic stationary and Japanese goods that are not readily available in stores in the U.S. as well as Patisserie on Newbury. A small little bakery, Patisserie on Newbury offers a selection of wonderful French pastries as well as homemade breads and sandwiches for reasonable prices.

1:30 p.m. Journey to Boston Public Market

    After our trek through Newbury Street we ventured down to the Boston Public Market, not to be confused with the chain restaurant Boston Market that can be found scattered across the country. The Boston Public Market is a year-round market of around thirty vendors who offer a wonderful selection of home-grown local produce, specialty goods, sweet treats, and much more. From samples of decadent dark chocolate to earthy and sour Kombucha, the Boston Public Market offered many different taste, familiar and exotic. One vendor in particular, Jennifer Lee’s Bakery (https://www.jenniferleesbakery.com/), very much impressed me. An allergen free bakery, Jennifer Lee’s offers vegan sweets that were almost indistinguishable from everyday treats. The chocolate chip cookies melted in your mouth and the carrot cake muffins had just the right balance of cinnamon and allspice, and the prices are not too steep at $2 each.         

4 p.m. To Downtown Crossing

Located at Commonwealth Ave and Marlborough Street, Downtown Crossing is one of the central hubs of shopping for Bostonians. Home to many well-known stores such as Macy’s and the first Primark in the U.S., this shopping center is a great place to hit a variety of stores that offer many different styles and price points. From consignment shops to unique cafes, one can find many different stores to suite their preferences. One such shop is a tiny little bakery right across from Boston’s Irish Famine Memorial. Named Sweet Bakery (https://sweetcupcakes.com/), this cute bakery offers a selection of cupcakes ranging from many different flavors such as, my favorite, strawberry champagne to the classic chocolate and vanilla. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options, not to mention their cappuccinos are spectacular.