How to Survive Your Freshman Year of College

By India Andrews

Many individuals are nervous for their first year of college, but it’s a fresh start to create a new you because nobody knows anybody. Who you were in high school does not matter in college because it is a whole different environment. One good thing about college is that you get to make new friends, and many say college is where you create lifelong friendships. With so many opportunities available to you, granted you come open-minded. Your college experience is what you make of it, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

One major tip that I suggest you learn in order to start your college career off right is to be as organized as you can. I recommend buying a planner, whiteboard, or a calendar of some sort to organize and familiarize yourself with your new schedule for the semester.  The whiteboard can help you prioritize and rearrange your to-do lists. There are also plenty of apps such as MyHomework for those students who are tech-savvy. Professors usually provide you with a syllabus of all of the assignments but it is your job to keep track of them. When you receive your syllabus, I recommend writing down every due date or test date in your planner so you can plan accordingly.

Personally, each week I organize my planner with my class and work-study schedule. I am someone who loves to color code things, so each class has their own color. For every assignment I put a little checkbox next to it so when I complete it I can just check it off and then move on to the next one. I learned that you should plan to do your assignments ahead of time because sometimes life gets in the way. Using sticky-notes may be beneficial because they are bright and you are less-likely to overlook them. Being able to cross things off and throw sticky-notes away will allow you to be confident that you can get through the week.

College students can easily succumb to procrastination but one way to prevent that issue is to have good time management and organization skills. Procrastination may arise because you are now independent and you do not have the pressure of teachers or family telling you to go to class or do your homework. Organizing my assignments while using the planner has helped me become more successful during my first semester of college. Organization skills is a beneficial skill to have because you would be able to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.