Reigniting the Spark


Isn’t it hard to think that something you enjoyed doing everyday could become boring and too taxing? Activities that you looked forward to excitedly are instead now frustrating to even think about. It’s scary; and there are many out there who need their spark reignited. For one reason or another, we lose that spark. If it’s lost, we can figure out how to get it back. There are a few tricks to get your drive back on track!

While reclaiming the spark for an activity you once loved can be difficult, it’s all about trying to rekindle that passion for your hobby or job. Try reflecting on the best of times when your spark was going strong; there’s still a reason that you enjoy the spark so much, it made you happy, as if you were born to partake in it.

Push yourself to branch out into new environments and embrace the obstacles that come your way. Whatever steps you have to take, take them! If you still don’t feel something click after trying at least once, you may need a short break from it. No matter the situation, don’t give up.

Of course, there’s always the small chance that you’ve outgrown your former passion. Even if you test something new, there’s always the chance that it still won’t click. Since this is always a possibility, it’s best to keep an open mind. Get help from friends and family, or meet new people to help inspire new interests. Remember that if an opportunity ends, another can blossom in its place.

Your guiding light should be your own intuition. In the end, it’s about reigniting your spark.