Writing Is My Passion


Writing is my passion; it gives me the power to use my words in whatever way I want. Through writing I have the freedom to express my thoughts, feelings, and ideas without being judged by society. While being introverted can have its advantages, writing helps me to express my ideas to the world.  

One of my favorite aspects about writing is the many stories I can tell through sub-genres. I generally write fiction, focusing on sub-genres like mystery, true crime, romance, even gothic, and these lenses allow me to use my imagination while writing a unique piece. 

Writing benefits authors not only by giving them the ability to express their thoughts, but also the chance to relieve stress in their lives. Providing an outlet to cope with personal problems without the worry of my thoughts falling on deaf ears, writing about grief allows me to work through problems and provides me a chance to heal over time.  

When I lost my Grandma I thought of all the happy memories we had and wrote them down on a piece of paper. Sometimes I draw inspiration from those times and the advice she would give me when I write dialogue for my characters. I like to think that writing through my Grandmas perspective keeps her spirit alive so she is always with me and I can share these memories with my audience. Writing allows me to cope with the sad moments in life, and if you give a voice to this sorrow it may help you cope better. 

One of the hardest obstacles most authors face while writing is the stubborn creative block. Having to come up with a compelling topic to write about, creating a thrilling beginning, middle and end of the piece, cleverly unfold your main message to the reader through character development, even coming up with the perfect word, all in one piece can be daunting even before your pen hits the paper. The best way to conquer a problem like this is to just start writing. Once you begin, your thoughts will pour onto the paper and might not have a point initially but with enough time inspiration will strike for your story.  

I am currently an Undergraduate with majoring in English Studies with a concentration in Professional Writing and a Criminal Justice minor. One day I hope I can report and analyze true crime stories for the news or even publish for Criminal Justice magazines with my school experience and passion for the topic. I will work hard to pursue these writing dreams in order to turn my hobby into a career, and share my passion of writing with you.