Corey Hennessey wants to do her best whenever she can. She writes when she can, but has a passion for helping others improve their own writing. She has a passion for music of all types and tries her hand at writing it when she can. Sculpting is her (not so) secret special skill.

Production Editor


Manny Ortiz is from the small town of Clinton, MA. The town, being surrounded by trees, inspires Manny to visit other cities, states and countries. He has yet to visit places like Japan, Dubai and many others but hopes to do so in the near future. When he isn’t day dreaming about traveling, Manny is engrossing himself with stories, whether it be from movies, television, or books. Horror, thriller, and mystery are his favorite genres.




Dan Hein was raised in Billerica, Massachusetts, a town which he considers to be "pretty good, for the most part," He loves being creative in almost any way. He mostly writes, but he has also been known to do photography, abstract art, music creation, and videomaking. When he isn't creating something, he's often lying down on his bed or couch watching films, playing video games, or listening to music. Also, he may or may not secretly be a werewolf.


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Conor McNabb is all about being creative and staying active, but he likes to spend his free time with his friends and family. Conor loves traveling, watching sports, and eating Chipotle. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are his two favorite shows. His dream is to pursue a career in TV production and sports broadcasting.